Export Products

Timothy hay wrapped or bulk

  • 42kg Compressed mini bale 4 bands
  • 28kg half-cut bale 3 bands

Mixed hay

  • Timothy/Alfalfa two-tie  55lbs
  • Timothy/Alfalfa/ Orchard two-tie 55lbs

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Domestic Products

  • Big square  bales (3'x4'x8')
  • 45 lbs compressed green bales wrapped in bundles of 12, 18 or bulk 
  • 60lbs small square bales of mixed hay

Half-cut bales of timothy hay for export

Half-cut bales for domestic sale

Easy to feed flakes from compressed bales

Mini-bales for export 42 kg, three grades

Mixed hay in 2 tie bales 55lbs

Side/top view of half-cut bales for domestic or export

Shrink wrapped bundles of half-cut bales